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Quictent® New Mini High Quality 56"x29"x77" Portable Green House 6 shelves Greenhouse
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Quictent® New Mini High Quality 56"x29"x77" Portable Green House 6 shelves Greenhouse

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This Mini Greenhouse offers the perfect solution for those smaller gardens that cannot accommodate a conventional greenhouse. It can protect your plants from too much heat or cold, shield plants from dust and gale, and help to keep out PESTS. It has a strong metal frame and clear PVC cover with zips for easy access and ventilation. Inside with shelves, ideal for pots and seed trays. Easy to set up.

SKU GM1309
Shelves 6 Network
Frame Steel
Tube 16(dia.)*0.3/0.4mm, with powder coating
Cover PVC 0.12mm
Size 56"x29"x77"
Packaging 1pc/ctn
Weight 19lb


High quality, heavy-duty powder coated steel framework

PVC cover has two front zips

Mid Walk-in Design offers enough growing space for large size plants and easy access & ventilation.

Easy to set up, portable

ISO 9001:2000 standard certified manufacturer

Product Details:
Product Length: 39.0 inches
Product Width: 14.0 inches
Product Height: 4.0 inches
Product Weight: 19.0 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 19 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 3.5 ( 19 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

28 of 28 found the following review helpful:

4The pictures are a little deceptive, but still rather spaciousJul 06, 2011
By Vinsa1981
I love this greenhouse, and the only reason I do not feel justified in giving it that 5th star is because of the difficulties I had putting it together, and because some of the shelves do not stay on.

Getting this product to sit straight took a little extra elbow grease, but it was well worth it. As for the shelves, I did strap some down so that they would sit on the rack, but I am still considereing replacing them. They aren't the sturdiest, and I do not recommend putting anything more than a 10" pot onto them.

The size is perfect, the plastic cover fits well, and seems to be holding up while mother natures decides what type of weather we will have in California.

Hope this helps!

23 of 23 found the following review helpful:

1Cheap Plastic and zippers, cover too tight.Feb 20, 2012
I really wanted to like this purchase and the best thing that I can say about it is that it would have a lot of room for a bunch of small plants and it fits on my deck nicely.

When I opened the package, I was surprised to not find any instructions on how to put it together. Instead I found a diagram. Since it seemed pretty easy to put together, I suppose a diagram would be enough.

Before putting together, look over the diagram carefully and separate all poles and connectors. You may not realize it at first, but a couple of the connectors are slightly different from the others. Also it is easy to get the poles mixed up because there is only a couple of inches difference between some of them.

As you put the frame together, you will have to use some muscle as you connect the poles with the connectors. If you don't push it together tightly enough, you will have a devil of a time getting the plastic cover to completely fit. A rubber mallet would help greatly. I used a small piece of 2x4 in order to help pound the connectors together. The frame was easy enough to put together, again study the diagram carefully and make sure you are using the right pole and connector.

Here is the disappointing part. The plastic already had a couple of small tears and rips (1" - 6") along the seams, right out of the box. Even though I used a lot of muscle connect the poles and connectors tightly, it seemed like it wasn't enough because the plastic cover barely fit. If you don't, then the frame is a bit 'too big' as the plastic is tight fitting. I had to pull the cover carefully, of course that added a few more tears on the seams. At this point I considered boxing it and returning it, but decided that I would cover all rips with clear packing tape and keep it.

The zippers to close the flap is VERY cheap. As I wrestled to close it the zipper tab bent and numerous times the zipped parts were pulling apart. After about 15 minutes, I was able to get it closed. I then tugged on the cover here and there to improve the fit and used packing tape to repair the rips and tears.

The next disappointment was the wire shelves. It seemed like these shelves were made for something different as they were barely not wide enough nor long enough. The 'bends' of the wire shelf did not seem to fit properly but i bent them into a position that I could live with. I then used zip ties in order to keep them from falling.

Another consideration that you need is that this greenhouse is light weight and will blow over in the slightest wind. I attached mine to a couple of 2x4's and it seems like it will handle a good 30 mph breeze.

UPDATE 2/24/12
I'm lowering this review from 2 stars to 1. Not even a week of use and BOTH zippers are broken. Additionally there are more rips in the plastic.

11 of 12 found the following review helpful:

5Perfect... exactly what I expectedNov 01, 2011
By KBrown
I love this greenhouse. It is a perfect size for my balcony garden. I actually wanted the space in the middle to use a space heater and it works pefectly. It was really easy to put together. If you've assembled any type of home furniture like a desk or a futon, you shouldn't have any trouble putting this together.

As noted by a previous reviewer, it does take a little elbow grease to attach some of the parts. Be careful and cautious with the plastic connectors, however. I cracked one trying to get a snug fit and not being very careful. I cracked a second and I was being very sober about how I handled the assembly. The minor cracks have not impacted the structure at all and I keep Gorilla glue on hand for just such a mishap! I highly recommend this item.

6 of 6 found the following review helpful:

4Good valueJan 10, 2012
By Aaron
I am pretty happy with this product so far. It's lightweight and easy to move around, and the frame is pretty sturdy and snugly put together. I didn't have any trouble with pieces fitting together.

The plastic is pretty thing (0.12mm) so be careful not to tear it. The shelves are not meant for much weight but work well for seed starter trays and the like.

5 of 5 found the following review helpful:

4OutstandingMar 06, 2012
By Angelscry2
Once you read what we went through then you will see why I gave this a 4 *. Well at first we at a standstill of how to put this greenhouse together. The instructions were no where in site. I did look in the canopy for the written instructions but did not see them. So for an hour both my husband and my self tried to figure out how to get this set up. I came to computer to find instruction that I could print out and that was a complete failure. I started to get disgusted of the whole ordeal! Then my husband did one final search of all the contents to find the instructions. Yeah he found then buried deep in the center of the canopy!

Once the instructions were found it was a piece of cake to put this greenhouse together. I am so pleased with this item. It holds all my new started plants, trees, and has plenty of storage under the shelves for misc. items. I can even hang my spray water bottles on the edges of the shelves. I have a total of 3 grow lights in this to give my new plants plenty of sun and heat to aid in their growth. I highly recommend this greenhouse to everyone. I have told plenty of my folks and friends around here about this greenhouse. Some have even bought one for them selves and are also in love with the over all results they have seen thus far.

Me So Happy I Could Cry: STL of TN

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